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How to Diet and Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

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The top weight loss surgeries reduce the size of your stomach, which lets you eat less and still feel full. As you consume fewer calories, you’ll notice that you start losing weight rather quickly. Though your doctor will give you a list of instructions to follow after you leave the clinic or hospital, you can get a jump start on your recovery long before going through that procedure. With a proper diet and exercise program, you can lose more weight and avoid suffering from saggy skin or flabby spots.

Exercise Guidelines

It can take up to six full weeks or even more before you completely recover from the surgery and feel comfortable doing any type of physical activity. Make sure that you do not push yourself or try to do too much starting out. Tampa bariatrics specialists generally recommend that patients work out for no more than 30 minutes a day and no more than three times a week. Try splitting those exercises into 10 minute increments until you feel more comfortable. Taking a walk around the block, going for a short swim or going for a short bike ride are some exercises you can safely do after your surgery.

Diet After the Surgery

Some patients assume that they can eat anything they want after the surgery, which isn’t true. For the first 48 hours or longer, you’ll need to stick to bland foods and liquids until your body recovers. The hospital will likely put you on a liquid diet that includes clear broths, water, skim milk and coffee. You may eat ice cream or gelatin that contains no added sugar. Once you feel comfortable eating those foods, you can soft or blended foods to your diet like unseasoned mashed potatoes, smoothies and shakes made from sugar-free ice cream.

Dieting Later

It’s important to keep in mind that you will need to completely change your diet after undergoing weight loss surgery. You need to stick to a healthy diet that features little fat or sugar. Many patients find that they can only eat ½ cup to one cup of food at a time. You’ll also want to drink liquids after eating to keep those liquids from filling your stomach. When you schedule your weight loss surgery, your doctor will talk with you more about how you can workout and eat after you go home.

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