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Foxy Run Trail Half Marathon Race Report

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 under Race | 1 Comment

The Foxy Run Trail Half Marathon is a race I ran last year, but under a different name: the Painted Rocks Half Marathon. When I read about this race, I either forgot or wasn’t aware that I had already ran it in the past. I still recall that race being pretty tough considering it was an out and back and the fact that it was a trail race at a half marathon distance. But I survived this year’s and just a little bit slower than before: 1:48:03 (13.06 mi, 8:16 min/mile, 6/21 AG, 94/310 Overall). According to the website, the course was supposed to be 13.30 miles, but I believe I heard the race director say that they actually shortened it this year and changed up the course? Even though I did run a shorter distance than expected, it was still longer than needed because the runners ahead of me ended up taking a wrong turn, and of course I followed. More on that and a few other details later. Read the rest of this entry »

Hollywood Half Marathon Race Report

Posted on Apr 15, 2012 under Race | 2 Comments

The Hollywood Half Marathon was my 5th half marathon for the year and third (I believe) inaugural race. I actually wasn’t going to run this race but my cousin, who I ran with on his first full marathon, wanted to run this half. The course was pretty straightforward, basically an out and back with a pretty tough final two miles uphill. Results: 1:40:54, 13.16 mi (7:40 min/mile), 1st 5K: 22:38, 2nd 5K: 23:25, last 6.9K: 54:39. Placing: AG: 49/319, 247/6103 overall. I think I ran once the week of the race so I should be pretty happy about the results. And those last 2 miles were one of the toughest finishes to a race in quite some time. Read the rest of this entry »

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