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XTERRA Black Mountain 15K Trail Run

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 under Race | 1 Comment

The Xterra Trail Run is a series of races across LA and San Diego (possibly other Socal locations) with the Black Mountain 15K race #6 of 7.  According to the website, “The athlete with the most points- by gender and age group- after the last race in the Series earns the title of XTERRA Trail Run Series Champion and earns free entry into the XTERRA National Championship Xduro in 2012!” Unfortunately, this was my first and only race of the series, so I don’t expect to win said championship. I can’t speak for the other races of the series, but the Black Mountain 15K was a tough one (especially with one particular hill in the middle as well as the final climb to the finish. Results: 1:20:03 (9.73 miles, 8:13 min/mile), 9/21 AG, 40/245 Overall. Even as the race had just gotten under way, I thought to myself, “why do I keep signing up for these (trail) races, they’re so tough”. But I got over that initial doubt, survived the race and felt great afterwards. Read the rest of this entry »

San Diego Half Marathon at Petco Park

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 under Race | 5 Comments

It’s already been over a week since I ran this race, so now all I remember about it is what the notes I took the night of the race when I first planned to write up this report. But first the fun stuff, results: 1:34:59 (13.23 mi, 7:11 min/mile), 26/350 AG, 215/5485 Overall. This was a very evenly paced race as you can see in the official splits (and mile by mile splits later on): 5K: 22:27, 7:14 min/mi, 3.7mi: 26:55, 7:17 min/mi, 10K: 44:46, 7:15 min/mi, 15K: 1:07:34, 7:15 min/mi.

I’m just going to post some highlights of the race, basically everything I could remember since the race. Read the rest of this entry »

Mission Driven Eco Run 10K Trail Run

Posted on Mar 04, 2012 under Race | 1 Comment

I haven’t run a trail race since September, but I’m hoping to make up for that in 2012. The Mission Driven Eco Run 10K is my first trail race of the year, but I already have a few others lined up in the next month or two. It’s good that I started off at a shorter distance rather than a 15K or half because once I started climbing those hills, I realized how tough trail races are! Results: 49:48 (7:52 min/mi), 6/18 AG, 21/178 Overall. We ran into a few issues during the race and there were a few tough hills we had to climb, but it was a good overall race and I’m looking forward to more trail races in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

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