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2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon Race Report

Posted on Nov 05, 2011 under Race | 2 Comments

I ran the inaugural RnR LA Half last year which turned out to be a very well organized and successful race. I ran it again this year mostly because I got an entry from the Brooks ID team and it gave me another reason to visit the family back home. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to push the pace too much considering I went into the race with about a 1.5 mile week (I blame work, travel & laziness for that). So when I saw the results, I was very pleasantly surprised: 13.1 miles (Garmin said 13.54, but I think it lost its signal going in and out of a tunnel.. Time: 1:35:12, AG: 31/548, Overall: 207/7738. I’m adding this race to my ‘correct way to pace’ section; I made a conscious effort to maintain a specific pace (7:15/7:20) at the beginning to give more energy for the rest of the race. This strategy has been proven successful time and time again; I don’t know why I’m always surprised to see that it works.. Read the rest of this entry »

Long Beach Half Marathon Race Report

Posted on Nov 05, 2011 under Race | 2 Comments

The thing I hate about registering for races early is that when I finally realize that I have that race coming up, I’m always surprised and feel unprepared. I think I registered for the Long Beach Half Marathon in June at another race expo. I did occasionally received emails about the race, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. But when the day finally came, I was still pretty excited to run this course, since it’s another beach city, so hopefully I’d have an advantage there? I was able to run once while in New York the week before and managed one more run the Friday before this half and biked to work once or twice. So if anything, I was well rested for this race. The time is now becoming my average half time and probably won’t get any faster unless I dedicate more time to build (any) quality miles. Results: 13.22 mi, 1:36:55 (7:20 min/mile). Placing: 33/564 AG, 289/10715 Overall. It was relatively flat course which is a welcome considering most of my previous races had at least one hill present. And unlike most of the SD races I’ve ran, the majority of the course took place along the beach, which was a nice distraction from the pain from all that running! Read the rest of this entry »

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