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2011 San Francisco Half Marathon Race Report

Posted on Aug 04, 2011 under Race | 7 Comments

What a weekend. Here are my official race results: 1:37:11, 7:25 min/mile, 21/624 AG, 66/2,708 Males, 81/6,255 Overall. My pace for the first couple of miles were a lot slower (by accident), but worked out. I was able to tackle the hills later on and have enough energy for a strong finish. The race seemed to pass by pretty quickly, and it was a very scenic course. Like everyone has been saying about the race, it was ‘worth the hurt’!

This was the first race that I traveled for since high school, which ironically took place near San Francisco (Half Moon Bay). I still remember that race and the trip. It was only for the Varsity team and we got to skip (at least) a day of school and it was my first time flying too! A couple years back, they had one of the runners jump in the JV race and he won it by minutes (only a 2 mile trail race). So when I heard that they wanted me to run the JV race that year, for some reason I felt pressured to win it as well. I was actually in the top 5 for a while, but ended up finishing 7th, which is still good. We tried doing some sightseeing stuff that night after the race, but I remember all the shops were either closed or closing. We tried walking the Golden Gate Bridge, but that was also closed? But despite all of that, I still remember having a great time with my teammates. But that’s all in the past.. Read the rest of this entry »

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